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Life and Death and Everything in Between - Episode 10 Town Hall

February 27, 2022

I’ve been telling you about Eamon Porktraddle’s last day in this little seaside town where more than usual seems to be happening.  At the end of the last episode he was running hell for leather in his tinfoil hat to be somewhere. Somewhere more important even than an appointment with his doctor. If you count the tank full of fishes that he upset it brings the body count up to double figures. I think this all needs some sort of conclusion very soon. Especially as this is the penultimate episode.  And there are questions we all want answered.  Especially “What is the significance of the cheese sandwich?”

Eamon Porktraddle    ....        Julian Harrow

Gloria Swanson          ....         Trisha Lewis

Mrs Emilia Grunt        .....         Holly Cooper

Mermaids                   ....         Elinor Cooper


Paul Kelly                   ....          The Town Band


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