Tales from the Cliff Edge

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Life and Death and Everything in Between - Episode 11 Ship

March 6, 2022

So, at last Eamon Porktraddle, tin hat sparkling in the evening lights has realised what was gnawing away at him all these years. He didn’t need a doctor to tell him. What he saw through the grimy windows of the townhall brought it all into sudden, shocking focus.  In that instant he saw exactly how he is part of the great sharing of the Universe. How we move through time and space no matter what we are at any one particular moment. How the great cheese sandwich of energy passes through us and out as one great fart dance. Now he is ready for the great sea change in this the final episode.



Thank you for accompanying us all on this amazing journey.  For me, this has been a project lasting a dozen years and I have to acknowledge everybody who came with me:  Matt Wilkinson, Roddy Skeaping, Elinor Cooper, Clare Shervin, Holly Cooper, Timo Peach, Conrad Barr, Paul Kelly, Trisha Lewis, Howard Shepherd, Graham Howes, Mirek Lucan and of course Julian Harrow.  I’d also like to acknowledge the Bournemouth Emerging Arts Fund, Bournemouth Council, The Winchester when it was the greatest performance space in the town under Louise keeley and mark Berry and David lane at the Factory Studios. I’m sure there have been others and I’m truly sorry that I couldn’t achieve my goal of getting everybody’s voice into the recording somewhere. I hope this stays in the public realm for as long as possible advert free as a tribute to the idea of a cooperative enterprise where most people had no idea what I was up to.  Thank you all for your patience.  

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