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Life and Death and Everything in Between - Episode 4: Hope

January 16, 2022
  •  The story so far: In his sleep Eamon Porktraddle visits the planet Kyarra where a vision of the earth and all its squalor is revealed to him.  He realises there is something he ought to be doing about it.  Next day whilst picking up litter on the beach and being driven mad by the mermaids who keep reminding him of his quest he finds a cheese sandwich.  The sandwich reminds him of something that happened in his past and which he has chosen to forget. Now listen on.
  • Eamon Porktraddle .....     Julian Harrow

    Mermaids               .....      Holly Cooper

                                             Elinor Cooper

  • Gloria Swanson     .......       Trisha Lewis

    With thanks to Freesound Project

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